Monday , 15 September 2014
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Use Your Old Android Gadgets in Cost-Effective Ways Rather Than Selling Them

Uses of dead smartphone

One of the major problems associated with android devices is their low market re-sale value. This means that when you go for selling your old smartphone or any android gadget, most probably you will get about half the price at which you bought it. There are some exceptions. However, if you are a casual user of gadgets and often end up damaging some major components at the end of the warranty period, selling your old gadgets may not be a good idea always. Instead, you can make a better use of them without making any costly investments. Kitchen Guide Having ... Read More »

A Few Annoying Problems Every Android User Faces and How to Overcome Them

Android Annoying Problems

Every other day we hear about a new Android smartphone released in the market. While it is true that each new model comes with an admirable combination of pros and cons targeting a different group of customers, the actual problem remains the same. There are a few annoying issues in Android operating system which hamper the performance of even the most expensive and latest smartphones like Galaxy Note 3 and S5. This may be related to the software updates more than the hardware. Whatever the reason is, we will discover here some appropriate solutions to these problems so you can ... Read More »

A Few Simple Yet Smart Techniques to Enhance the Security of Your Smartphone

Smartphone Security Settings

Do you prefer to save all your personal data on your trendy, smartphone rather than in files or even computer? Knowing the fact that your data in smartphone is not safe and may be easily stolen, it is difficult to get most out of this advanced gadget.  Keeping that point of view in mind, we will discuss here a few useful tips to enhance the security of your smartphone. As mentioned above, mostly people store everything from emails to sensitive passwords in their smartphones. To keep that inaccessible to unwanted people, the most basic security measure is putting a lock ... Read More »

Experience a Safe and Enjoyable Car Drive With Google’s New Android App

Google’s New Car Drive Android App

Even in the latest cars which are available in the market, there is no feature seen in multimedia system similar to what Google has announced to introduce soon. To make the experience of driving a car more enjoyable, Google has decided to bring a new app named Android Auto to Play Store. Most of us have a dangerous habit of using smartphones while driving even on highways. It is definitely difficult to resist from checking the new notifications from your social networks or answering important calls while driving. Now you do not need to change this dangerous habit as Google ... Read More »

Android Users Have Already Enjoyed Some New Features of iOS 8

Some New Features of iOS 8 in Android

Recently, Apple introduced the latest version of its operating system, iOS 8. According to the company, this new update is the most significant one in the history of Apple. However, after a careful review, we come to know that actually this new iOS 8 shares a number of features with Google’s operating system. In fact, Android has given those features to its users since a long time ago. So, we may say that this time, Apple’s update is not likely to attract a good number of Android users. Storage Apple is well-known for its cloud storage. However, Android is no ... Read More »

Samsung’s new Galaxy Tab S is to Compete with Apple’s iPad Series

Samsung's new Galaxy Tab S

Finally, the most awaited time, especially for Samsung fans, is here.  Yes, Samsung has officially announced its new device, Galaxy Tab S. Along with the announcement of this new device, the officials in conference also claimed that Samsung Galaxy Tab S is better than Apple’s iPad series. Now let’s move on to the full review of the device and discover how true this claim is. Price and Dimensions Samsung Tab S is available in two different colors, titanium bronze and dazzling white, and sizes, 8.4″ and 10.5″. The prices of both sizes are similar to that of Apple’s iPad mini ... Read More »

Canon Powershot SX700 HS (Black)

PowerShot SX700 HS Review

With its affordable price of $299, Canon Powershot SX700 HS comes with 30x travel zoom and other decent features. Before moving to a detailed review, let us first look at the basic yet important key information to help you build its precise image in your mind even before learning all the details. If you are looking for both, smart features and great zoom,this camera should be on the top of your preferences. However, limited battery timing is an issue here. You may need to keep an extra battery with you to keep the camera working while travelling. Other than that, ... Read More »

New Competitive High-end Android Smartphone at Customer Oriented Cost

High-end Android Smartphone

OnePlus One is the Smartphone about which we are discussing here. Before starting the full review, I want to tell you that this device is referred as 2014 Flagship Killer. This brief yet strong title gives us some idea of what can we expect from this device. The best thing about this phone is that it is a budget device and costs you very low as compared to other android phones with the same high-end specs. Now let’s move to the review of this high-end device. Design and Specs: OnePlus Company is partially owned by Oppo. These two may sound ... Read More »

End of Beats technology in HP laptops with HP-Beats relation at risk

Beats technology in HP laptops

As the title says, Beats technology in HP laptops is going to end soon and will permanently disappear in laptops releasing in 2015. According to the most authentic sources, the partnership between HP and Beats Company is going to dissolve next year. Recently, one of the company spokesmen said, “HP is allowed to continue developing products with new Beats Audio technologies through 2014.” (Text verified from Cnet). Now coming to the details of the story, the reason behind the end of HP-Beats partnership is that Apple has confirmed its decision of purchasing Beats for 3 billion dollars. However, there are ... Read More »

How Accurate are Wrist band and Mobile Integrated Heart Rate Trackers Compared to EKG

Heart rate trackers

Heart rate tracking is one of the most advance and attractive feature found in the latest smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S5. On the other hand, smartphones which do not have this feature integrated with their device are offering heart rate tracker with an accompanying smart-watch (commonly referred as gear). Along with these, some other wrist bands are especially made for this purpose. This shows the popularity and customer demand of easy heart rate tracking devices, but their accuracy is still questionable. These devices are normally not recommended for medical use so it is important to investigate how reliable they are. ... Read More »