Tuesday , 30 September 2014
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SEO, Tricks, and Honest Methods that Can Help Your Online Exposure

Since the Internet is such a wide and diverse pool of knowledge, it was inevitable that SEO was developed to reign in that information. It collates and directs only the most relevant data, and sends it to you every time you perform a search. If you own a site, you might find that staying on the top pages is no easy task. In fact, the monumental task of getting on the top pages is enough trouble for any site owner. Of course, there are some distinct methods that work to improve your online visibility, but they may not always be ... Read More »

How New Moto X Differs from old one?

Motorola showcased the new version of Moto X at the IFA 2014 and it looks like an impressive device. It retains the good looks while making sure functionality isn’t compromised. While the previous generation device was pretty good, on paper the new one has got a lot more to offer. The display size has gone up, the display resolution has taken a bump, and it gets a powerful processor and comes with a couple more sensors. Now the big question here is that if the new device with all the extra features is worth the upgrade or not. We contrast ... Read More »

The Convenience of Having the Most Updated Mobile Technology

Almost everyone wants the latest mobile gadget that is available on the market. There’s no doubt these modern phones continue to make people’s lives easier especially in this contemporary world of business. It’s important to know what type of devices is suitable to your needs. Surely, you don’t want to waste your valuable cash on items that you won’t be using on a daily basis. Check your routine and see what type of technology and gadgets will meet your requirements, both in terms of features and budget. Remember, some devices may provide so much fun but many of these items are ... Read More »

Keeping Up with Modern Technology

zv7qrnb Modern technology has brought about many innovations in almost everything. These innovations have made things either easier or more complicated. The updates in gadgets are just too much for those who are not techie but for those who are just love and welcome these innovations. Keeping up with modern technology needs continuous study and updating of software applications. You must have the knowhow so you can enjoy and fully utilize the innovations in the software applications, and must be able to catch up with the ever fast pace of modern technology. Modern innovation has a great impact on mobile ... Read More »

Nokia Still Leads in Windows Mobile Phones Market

Ever since smartphones became popular a few years ago, there has been considerable competition in the technological arena for the best software to run them on. Although Android and iOS have more or less taken over the smartphone world, an alternative does exist in the form of Windows Mobile. Windows Mobile operating system is run mostly on Nokia phones. Although HTC ventured into launching their flagship phone on this platform, it has more or less stuck to Android. Similarly, Samsung has also floated a couple of classy smartphones on Windows platform, however, it is famous for creating masterpieces on Android. ... Read More »

Trouble Shooting Your PC: What to Check if it Doesn’t Turn On


The first reaction when your computer fails to boot even after repeated attempts is to panic. Don’t. Not being able to open the equipment doesn’t mean you’ve lost everything in it. Of course, it’s more than annoying that you can’t access your files and whatever important work is stored there but do not worry, they’re in there. The lesson here is to back up your files in an external drive just so you won’t rip your hair out when the machine decides to boycott you. It’s sometimes easier to find another unit than to tinker with and learn what went ... Read More »

3 Most Common Computer Problems You May Encounter and Their Solutions


It is a normal scenario for every computer user to experience some issues with their PC at some point. This is because computers are machines and they also need to be taken care of and a little maintenance. Although there are thousands of issues you can encounter with your computer, here are some of the most common problems you may encounter as well as their simple solutions. 1.       Running Slow. The slowness of a computer is one of the symptoms of lack of maintenance. Failure to manage your computer accordingly leads to corrupted registry, data fragmentations as well as addition ... Read More »

Use Your Old Android Gadgets in Cost-Effective Ways Rather Than Selling Them

Uses of dead smartphone

One of the major problems associated with android devices is their low market re-sale value. This means that when you go for selling your old smartphone or any android gadget, most probably you will get about half the price at which you bought it. There are some exceptions. However, if you are a casual user of gadgets and often end up damaging some major components at the end of the warranty period, selling your old gadgets may not be a good idea always. Instead, you can make a better use of them without making any costly investments. Kitchen Guide Having ... Read More »

A Few Annoying Problems Every Android User Faces and How to Overcome Them

Android Annoying Problems

Every other day we hear about a new Android smartphone released in the market. While it is true that each new model comes with an admirable combination of pros and cons targeting a different group of customers, the actual problem remains the same. There are a few annoying issues in Android operating system which hamper the performance of even the most expensive and latest smartphones like Galaxy Note 3 and S5. This may be related to the software updates more than the hardware. Whatever the reason is, we will discover here some appropriate solutions to these problems so you can ... Read More »

A Few Simple Yet Smart Techniques to Enhance the Security of Your Smartphone

Smartphone Security Settings

Do you prefer to save all your personal data on your trendy, smartphone rather than in files or even computer? Knowing the fact that your data in smartphone is not safe and may be easily stolen, it is difficult to get most out of this advanced gadget.  Keeping that point of view in mind, we will discuss here a few useful tips to enhance the security of your smartphone. As mentioned above, mostly people store everything from emails to sensitive passwords in their smartphones. To keep that inaccessible to unwanted people, the most basic security measure is putting a lock ... Read More »