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How to Create a Google Form Step by Step Guide with Images

Google forms

With the technology advancing day by day, collection of information or getting reviews from the customers about the product from across the globe or asking customer about their expectations from the next product to be is becoming very important. A great tool Google Forms is available online for collecting information from a large number of people across the globe. An advantage that Google Forms have is that multiple people can edit the required form at the same time and one can view the filled in forms for analysis easily. Google Forms can also provide the responses with real time charts ... Read More »

Strategic Internet Advertising Plans

Although point options can’t totally deal with the wants of a complicated social business, they’re usually finest-in-class—as a result of the promise of the Digital Marketing Suite has yet to be fulfilled. When advising purchasers on monitoring tools or SMMS at this time, we frequently end up recommending point solutions. This is primarily based on particular client necessities, which vary, however it’s not typically that one of many “giants” makes it to the very high of a brief-record. With SMMS for instance, the choices are good but not sometimes best for the shopper. And total, the advantages of a suite ... Read More »

Exciting strategies to grow your ecommerce website

Below is a couple of strategies you will have to employ when it comes to growing your ecommerce-website. For years the general idea among newbies and webmasters alike has always been to open a website or ecommerce site and normally without any online marketing customers will come to your web platform and buy online. If you reading this you will know this is not true anymore, you have many competitors and they all are looking for an edge. Make an effort to acquire new customers by examining your market and seeking out new advertising strategies to appeal to more members ... Read More »

Unable to open Microsoft Word and other office attachments from outlook or other email software

This is a common issue that users are facing while opening a file which is originating from internet whether that is an attachment or downloaded file from other software, when you double click to open the file and that ends up on errors like this. Word experienced an error trying to open the file try these suggestions. *Check the file permissions for the document or drive. * Make sure there is a sufficient free memory and disk space. *Open the file with the Text Recovery converter. On Microsoft excel you will see notification like this. Microsoft Excel cannot open or ... Read More »

Now Skype call recording is simpler than ever

Have you ever wondered how to record Skype video calls on Mac? This is a thought that had crossed every user’s mind. However, as versatile as Skype is, it becomes a huge hassle to try locating software that will actually record the entire conversation. This becomes harder with a video call. Usually, we find multiple people hunched over one laptop trying to understand the conversation. Other times, they may login from their workstations, but may logout as per their work schedule. This defeats the purpose of the call.  People resort to different actions to capture the essence of the call. ... Read More »

More Than 50% Of Indian Netizens Access Web By way of Mobile

The reason is quite simple behind the recognition of internet advertising Internet covers the massive area to unfold their data. We are able to see every particular person whether he is a child or industries is using the internet to get information about the whole lot. The achievements which could not acquire with the assistance of traditional advertising in earlier years, achieved in final 4 years. Now we will understand that why it is so popular. We will not say precisely but roughly greater than fifty million folks use the internet each day. In entire world approximately seven hundred fifty ... Read More »

Digital Advertising Course With IPad Included

Though point solutions can’t fully tackle the wants of a complicated social business, they’re typically greatest-in-class—because the promise of the Digital Advertising Suite has yet to be fulfilled. When advising clients on monitoring tools or SMMS at this time, we often find yourself recommending point options. That is primarily based on particular client requirements, which range, but it surely’s not typically that one of many “giants” makes it to the very high of a brief-record. With SMMS for example, the offerings are good but not usually best for the consumer. And general, the benefits of a collection aren’t compelling enough ... Read More »

Introduction to Akismet: How it Helps You With Blogging?

This is the main tutorial article from where you will learn about akismet and all of its operations. Good news is that it comes pre-installed with word press but you have to do some efforts to make it run the way it should. So let’s move on to the actual tutorial without discussing the unnecessary details. What is Akismet and Why you should use it? Akismet is very useful for filtering spam comments. According to a recent report, it had filtered over 83 billion spam comments. For every website which is either contributing in making spambots or spam comments, akismet ... Read More »

Create a Bootable USB Drive of Windows Setup in 3 Simple Steps Without Using Any Software

A bootable USB drive is always useful in many situations, especially when you have to reconfigure your PC having issues with CD drive or not having it by default. In this tutorial article, you will learn in three simple steps the way to make a bootable USB drive. People often use many third-party software to create a bootable USB drive to install Windows OS, but after reading this article, you will not need any such software. Below stated are the three steps you need to follow: Format USB drive (optional) Mount Windows Setup ISO file Copy Windows files to USB ... Read More »

Enhance Your Privacy by Always Starting Your Favorite Web Browser in Private Browsing Mode

Most of the times, you want to use internet without leaving any saved information about your searched pages, saved passwords, filled forms etc and it is a very important issue when you are using public computers. There are many terms which explain that what actually this private browsing mode is and there are also some different names given to this private mode. Generally, when you do internet surfing on private mode, none of your information is stored in the web browser expect the download history and book marks. Also, the extensions and toolbars are disabled. Now we will learn about ... Read More »